What You Need about Metformin Weight Loss

What is Metformin

Before getting to know about metformin weight loss, first let’s discuss about what metformin is. So, basically it can be described as a type of compound which belongs to biguanides, which is a group of drugs. This compound has two linked rings of guanidine and consists of active ingredient which are identified and isolated. For many years it was only used to treat diabetes but now it is also used for weight loss in diabetic patients. It has different effects on metabolism of glucose and for this reason a consumer of metformin will have improved insulin sensitivity in places like liver and muscles.

Cause of weight gain in diabetic patients

If you ask your physician, you will learn that there are numerous reasons as to why you are gaining weight or are overweight. But the main reason would typically be pointed at your insulin. Mainly stored in the belly region, this form of fat is known for causing people to be obesity. What happens is that, when a person eats food their sugar level raises up and the higher the sugar level, the higher the release of insulin from pancreas. Besides just this, insulin is also responsible for your liver in producing fat cells and increasing the fat in your belly region. This happens because it helps the brain to stimulate signs of hunger, causing you to take in more food.

How Metformin helps in weight loss?

You will see that metformin contains glucophage, whose job is to reduce the release of sugar from your liver, which reaches the blood levels to raise. So, as a result, it stops the production of insulin to a certain level in your body, which automatically ceases the effect causing you to become fat. It has been proven that for this reason, it help a diabetic patient to lose weight as it somewhat stops the conversion of sugar into fat.

Word of Warning

If you do go for the metformin weight loss there are some things which you need to consider and they are as follows:

  • First of all you have to consult your physician if you plan to take this drug. By meeting up with your physician, you can be sure if metformin can help you in the weight loss process or not. As there are some drugs which can cause allergic reaction when taken with metformin. Thus inform you doctor about all the other medicines you take and also your health history before taking metformin.
  • Some patients complain about problem with diarrhea when metformin is taken at the initial stage.
  • This drug is not that as effective if you have a very high carbohydrate diet which includes pastry, pasta, white bread and other such related items.

Some tips you must know

  • Always have the prescribed dose which will be given by your physician.
  • Make sure to have a low carbohydrate diet with metformin to help the process of weight loss.
  • A little bit of exercise for about 30 minutes every day is recommended.

Now you have a clear idea about metformin weight loss. So, if you are interested to take help of this, then it is suggested that you make an appointment with your physician as soon as possible.

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