The Epidemic of Obesity and choosing the right Weight Loss Surgeries

Weight Loss Surgeries
The rising epidemic of growing waistlines

The dangerous health condition that is becoming an epidemic in the country is Obesity. It is having excessive body fat that generates risks like:

Sleep apnoea

High blood pressure

High cholesterol


Heart disease


Gall bladder disease


Obesity’s varying causes are due to the prevalent unhealthy food environment (fast food and unhealthy preparation of food); genetics; Age; pregnancy; unhealthy and inactive lifestyle and medicines. Despite the exercise and dieting, this condition is still hard to control and an estimation of 93 million individuals are affected and projected that within the next 5 years will rise to 120 million.

Finding out the truth

It is said that the truth hurts. It is particularly true when it comes with measuring obesity. The two ways it is measure is through:

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Waist Circumference

The two methods will help you determine the extremity of the condition and if weight loss surgeries is recommended than the usual dieting and exercises. In BMI measurements, if the individual exceeds the ideal and normal BMI for an adult male or female is considered obese. For the waist circumference, if the individual is found out to have 40 or greater is high risk for the listed health diseases listed above.

Choosing the Right Procedure

For risky and very obese people, weight loss surgeries has been shown effective with significant shedding of body fat and sustainable long term results. But, there are already a lot coming out these days, how to choose which is for you? To narrow down your choices from a gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding and sleeve gastrostomy, consider:

Effectiveness of the procedure

Competence of the medical doctor who will perform it

Done in a center that offers an aftercare program; a complete food lifestyle change pre and post bariatric diet and exercises.

Patient’s willingness and determination to work with the operation.

Again, it is up to the patient’s resolve and not on the weight loss surgeries. They’ll just serve as an ‘instrument’ to aid the
individual for a healthy lifestyle.

The 3 common types of bariatric operations and the percentage of pounds lost after the procedure:

Gastric bypass: 70%

Adjustable gastric banding: 50%

Sleeve gastrostomy: 60%

What are you looking for in the first place?

Seeing the percentage might convince you which to choose but how about reliability of the weight loss surgeries? How fast or slow will you get the ideal mass and of course the cost? Before undergoing that medical operation, you have to make other considerations like follow through the program and dieting to maintain it. The fear of needles can also be a decision factor.

Go with your Gut

There won’t be any perfect or ‘one size fits’ all operation that can be considered as the best. But it’s up to you. All medical practitioners will tell that this is or that is the one for you. However, you are going to be the one who will undergo the operation not them. Ask the expert; get your facts right and resolve which one is for you.

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