Fat Camps and Bellies: Top 5 Weight Loss Retreat for Growing Waistlines

Weight Loss Retreat
The Common, Costly and Crucial Epidemic

Obesity, the growing condition where excessive fat in the body is predominant and hard to control despite the regimen of dieting and exercise was proven to boom in the past 20 years by the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention.

Very costly, obesity is one of the main causes of almost medical costs. In the U.S. alone, more than one third of adults (34.9%) and 17% or 12.7 million of aged 2 to 19 years old of children and adolescents are considered obese. Because of these rates, the risks for heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer and (type 2) diabetes are also increasing as they are crucially interrelated to life and death.

The Fad of the ‘Biggest Loser’

The reality television show that was launched last 2004 in the U.S, made losing those excess pounds very attractive to the mass (aside the cash prize for the lowest kilograms to lose). It took the world also by storm when different adaptations of it were also launched in Asia and other countries. Now, it made the weight loss retreat houses and resorts now very popular for others who also want to experience their own version of the reality show.

Extreme Makeover Weight loss Retreat Resorts Version

Another for these places is called ‘fat camps’. But they are far different from the image of a decade ago. The resorts encourage healthy lifestyle with realistic and practical diets complete with workout schedules and equipment.

The Top 5 resorts for any hopeful

Hilton Head Health Weight loss Spa, South Carolina: they provide a health specialist to address those health issues and set goals. They have a $43,700 9 month program that includes 14 weeks at the resort and a 24 weeks of home follow up coaching. Accommodations come with a 2 to 3 bedroom condo or private room and extra services of counselling, spa treatments and food portion classes and cooking demonstrations.

Cooper Wellness Program, Texas: they have a 6 day ‘wellness week’ program you can avail and also instructs goers to practice healthy eating options.

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, California: it was voted to be one of the best Weight loss Retreat or program for 6 consecutive years. They give customers an intimate experience with their Mediterranean style villas and 5 to 1 staff ratio. Very worth every dollar as they offer an all access 130 fitness classes, spa treatments, fresh meals and lectures for healthy cooking demos.

Canton Ranch, Arizona: don’t let the ‘ranch’ fool you; this resort have received various awards for their effective fitness programs, cuisine and hospitality. A great place to rest and relax even for those who are recuperating after a bariatric surgery.

The ‘Biggest Loser’ Resort at Fitness Ridge, Utah: this is where it all started and they live up to their reputation as intense and group-oriented and the main location for the hit NBC reality show. It took the top spot as the reader’s choice (out of 100 others) on Spa finder. Some of what they can offer is water cardio, strength training and core exercises. Now, this is the perfect place to have your own ‘biggest loser’ moment.

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