Qualities of the Best Weight Loss Coach

weight loss coach

Are you planning to hit the gym sometime soon? How can you ensure that you can do the proper workout regimen without breaking any bones or hitting your face with the heavy equipment they have around? Can you trust on yourself to do your own fitness program knowing that you cannot even say no to a chunk or bite of chocolate as you pass by the fridge? How can you make your life easier on the gym? Will you bring a nanny with you or find a weight loss coach who can take care of everything that is related on your gym routines? Obviously the latter one is a greater choice without any argument.

The next thing you need to know are the traits and suitable qualities of your weight loss coach in order to help you reach your goals when it comes to physical fitness.

Experience is better than his Perfect Body

Well yes, part of the conviction is his six pack abs and toned muscles that can bring you some spark as he takes off his shirt in front of you, but hey, the quality of the training program he will give you will not only depend on his perfect body. He needs to have the proper license and accreditation to make things more convincing on his part. A quality trainer should have a Master of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology or Kinesiology and must have at least one certification from either American Council on Exercise or National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Any training that is still on its initial phase can be critical to anyone, your personal trainer is like your physical fitness teacher, he should treat you as a student who needs guidance and motivation in order to get through the hardships of training.

Goal Oriented

Just like you, he should also set his own goals why he needs to be beside you the entire program. If you work together harmoniously, you can definitely achieve your goals at the end of the session.

If you are a weight loss coach…

Fitness boot camps are dime a dozen right now.  Many fitness trainers are setting up camp looking to cash in on the need of many people to get fit and look good. A large number of these individuals spend hours on the web so it is important to make your presence felt on the web. Have a newsletter or any form or advertisement n the web. It is cheap and can reach out to many potential participants.

To entice more people to join, have an incentive base program for referral. Set a target for successful referrals and reward those who will achieve such goals. This will make your participants work for you and is another cheap way of marketing.  Another effective marketing strategy is to shoot a video. Make your clients the star of such videos and shoot some highlights of your workout showing the participants busting a sweat and feeling good about it.   Furthermore, show these videos in highly populated areas or where people meet up. Better yet, kick it up a notch and have a demonstration in parks, beaches and other areas where prospective participants converge. You may have your boot camp sessions in these areas and treat it as form of demonstration.



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