Getting to know toothache symptoms

The teeth is the hardest substance in the body, they are used in chewing and play a vital role in speaking. It also has different parts; enamel is made of calcium phosphate – a hard rock material. It is the outer part of the tooth and the hardest part. Dentin is the underlying of the enamel and made of living cells that secretes minerals while pulp contains the nerves and blood vessels that run inside the pulp of the teeth. Cementum is a layer of connective tissue that buries the teeth in the gum and jawbone while periodontal ligaments are the tissues that helps to hold the teeth in the jaw.

toothache symptoms

Even though the teeth are the hardest substance in the body when it is treated improperly, it can be broken or destroyed. There are food that causes tooth decay like soft drinks, candies, and fruit juices. The mouth contains variety of bacteria that can interact with sucrose and forming lactic acid that decreases the acidity of the mouth giving a good environment for the bacteria to develop which may cause destruction of the tooth enamel, then the hydroxyapatite crystals of the enamel will be demineralized allowing bacteria to invade deep into the tooth causing tooth decay.

This situation may worsen when the dental carries will reach the grooves, pits, and enamel fissures because the brush cannot reach this part. When the person has dental carries then soon this person will have toothache symptoms that will be disturbing because he may be able to concentrate with his work and cannot even sleep due to the excruciating pain. Dental carries also causes bad breath or foul smelling breath and bad taste.

Differentiating toothache pain from other mouth pain

How would you know when it is a toothache pain or not a pain associated with other diseases in the mouth? Well, it is not always toothache symptoms when the jaw is involve and you have difficulty breathing and swallowing because you just want to close your mouth and want to apply pressure on the teeth. You may also experience fever and the gums and glands surrounding the tooth maybe swollen and tender to touch. You may experience sensitivity with hot and cold food and beverages. When you experience this kind of pain then you better consult your dentist for further prevention and he can give you remedies which you can use at home.

Toothache symptoms should be taken seriously because it may greatly affect your life, for example you cannot concentrate on your work because your mind is focused on the pain, and as of children they may experience sleep deprivation and malnutrition because of the pain they are experiencing.

Prevention is still better than cure, you can save the money that you will use in the treatment and use it in other important things. To avoid dental carries and tooth decays, oral hygiene must be strictly followed. You must brush your teeth three times a day at least and use dental floss after eating. You must also visit your dentist every 6 months for dental cleaning as well as checking the condition of your teeth. If you get sensitive teeth then you must avoid hard food and other foods that may cause the pain.

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