Get your Tooth Pain Gone with these Methods

If there’s any other pain that you might never want to have in your body, that’s tooth pain because this is known to be one of the most annoying and most irritating types of body pain that you can ever experience, and this is worse that a cut in your body because this guarantees really excruciating pain in your teeth that can reach up to your head.

This is really inconvenient because this effectively reduces your focus at work, communications with other people, and will just let you focus on your pain rather than anything else that you want to do once it strikes on your teeth.

tooth pain

This is a must to be removed, and if you’ve ever experienced this, for sure you’re regretting about eating too many candy and by forgetting to brush your teeth the regular way. Sometimes, this happens even if you’re a frequent brusher maybe because there’s some food stuck in your teeth that even brushing wasn’t enough to get rid of it, or maybe because of something that you ate.

But it’s a good thing that we will provide you the best ways to relieve it, and here are the basic ways on doing it. Here are the ways to get rid of your tooth pain for good:

Use Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint leaves are known to be one of the freshest mints that you can ever try, and is usually an ingredient used as a flavor in some well known chewing gum brands that are good for the teeth. This is known to be effective when used on the teeth by applying it with some water while crushed so that it can become a paste that you can apply.


Cloves are known to be good when it comes to tooth pain because this one is capable of removing bacteria from the teeth that can drill down your tooth until it gets destroyed. This is a good way to remove chances of experiencing pain again, plus it effectively kills the bacteria in your mouth as well.

Raw Onions

Raw onions might stink for your mouth, but a gum can do that anyway. Onions are known to be effective in lessening the pain that you experience, and it’s also known to be a good product for removing bacteria which is why this is also used in experiments in killing germs. This is great for cavity rich teeth.


Another good spice that might cause bad breath, but in a natural way. This is a good food that’s known for its many benefits such as helping you get a healthy heart, and lately, it’s also known to be a pain reliever for your teeth once you chew this one. A single clove of garlic per day can be great for reducing pain to relief.

Get Dental Services

If you feel that your tooth is already hopeless, and the bacteria has finally destroyed the looks of it, then be sure to earn some money for you to get a dental service that can fully aid you in getting your teeth repaired or extracted so that the pain will go away. If the hole is still there, but is still repairable, then get that covered up so that you will never feel the pain anymore.

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