Remedies for Tooth Pain after Root Canal Therapy

If your nerve tooth becomes infected, you must undergo a root canal therapy to save your tooth. But do you have any idea on how can you determine if your tooth is already infected? The signs of this condition are bad taste of the mount, pain, swelling and heat or cold sensitivity. But there are some people who can’t easily see the symptoms of dental problem. If you want to inspect the condition of your teeth you can open your mouth wider and look at the top and then down to the pulp chamber. Dental file is a great help to all the people because it is a process where the doctors or endodontist cleans out the infected muscles or tissues in your mouth carefully. It also shapes your mouth canals into its original form in order to receive the filling material properly. After this process you must undergo into an X-ray test to ensure that infected pulp in your mouth has been removed.

tooth pain after root canal

How to Cure Root Canal?

Tooth pain after root canal treatment is usually felt by those people who have undergone in sensitive operation but you don’t have to worry because it is temporary. Root canal therapy is very popular across the globe because it is the most effective treatment to cure dental diseases. This therapy is usually takes two appointments to complete. The doctors will put a temporary crown or filling that can protect your tooth during the appointments.

If you will undergo in Root canal treatment you must prepare your lips, teeth and tongue because it may get numb for an hour when the doctor injected an anesthetic. You must avoid chewing when you are in the state of numbness. The breaking of your filling is a common problem during the appointments. If you notice that your filling was already break off you must call your dentist immediately. You can put ice on your mouth to cure tooth pain after root canal treatment. The cold temperature can close the spores in your root canal and can lessen the pain.

It is normal to feel some discomfort and pain after the treatment especially when you are chewing, this condition may last for several days. In order for you to feel relaxation and comfort, you must take pain medication. There are a lot of dentists who recommend using antibiotics in tooth pain. But before you take any antibiotics make sure that you have consulted your dentist or physician because they can give you the best dosage for this medicine.

Rinsing your mouth with salt water is also an effective way to reduce swelling and pain. Tooth pain after root canal therapy is a common condition and you must be patient in taking medicine. If you want to maintain the good quality of your teeth and canal you must avoid chewing gum. It is also good for you to avoid eating hard materials like pencils, ice and finger nails. You must also visit your dentist at least twice a year so that they can monitor the status of your teeth, gums and root canal.

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