How to Ease Tooth Extraction Pain?

There are some people who can’t show great and beautiful smiles in front of the crowd because of their cavities. Smile can be your asset to catch the attention of different people. But what will you do if you have cavities? Cavity is usually cause by the too much intake of sugar foods and drinks. It is also the reason why you feel toothache. Nowadays most of the people love to eat sweet foods because it can give relaxation and enjoyment. But you must control yourself on eating these foods because it can damage your teeth and gums.

tooth extraction pain

What is Tooth Extraction?

There are many people who are afraid of tooth extraction procedures because they taught that is severe pain procedure like in the horror films but they are absolutely wrong. Tooth extraction is a procedure where the dentist checks the structure of your tooth and sometimes they implant a silicone in its surface to back on its original form. You can’t feel too much pain in this procedure just a simple discomfort. Tooth extraction pain is very common among people who undergo in this procedure. This pain is cause by some chemicals putted in your tooth’s structure during the process. This pain is temporary and will last for several days only.

Do you have some idea why the dentists remove your teeth? Dentists are the professionals who have a great knowledge in different teeth conditions and diseases. They only remove your teeth when they notice that there is no more solution for its condition. If they will not remove your infected tooth it may distribute the bacteria and germs on the other teeth.  Tooth extraction is considered as one of the most effective ways to remove tooth easily without hassle. After the procedure you will feel tooth extraction pain and it is normal.

tooth extraction pain

A normal tooth removal process usually takes between 5 to 30 minutes depending on the condition of your tooth. The dentist will put anaesthesia on your gums and tooth so that you will not feel the pain. Dentists use an elevator instrument to cut the fiber ligaments that clings on your tooth. It is an instrument that has a blunt tip. They remove your tooth very carefully by using a forceps. Dentist must perform this operation gently and carefully so that the patient will not going to feel too much tooth extraction pain after.

There are different kinds of medications that you can try to eliminate the pain easily. It is advisable to put an ice in affected area after the operation because it can lessen the pain. You can also eat ice cream, ice pop and other ice foods or drinks. Too much cold can close the pores that release pain. If you feel severe pain you can ask a pain reliever on your doctor. If you want to know more information about the treatments for this condition you can read different articles and reviews online. Sometimes there are particular health organizations that aim to teach the people about proper taking care of teeth.

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