Tongue Patch Diet. Is It Worth It?

So I came across a very…interesting weight loss method today. Although it is back from 2013 I still think it’s worth a look. This tongue patch diet claims to help you “eat healthier” and to “lose weight fast”, sounds to good to be true right?

This seems to be a typical problem here in the United States. We get these huge portions of food and even when we feel full we continue eating! There are many studies as to why we continue eating when we have food in front of us, regardless of how full we are, but that is for another topic. So are you ready to kick the habit of eating to much food? Then this might be the solution for you! Or it may just give you eating nightmares.

Introducing the Tongue Patch, or Miracle Patch depending on your viewpoint. This patch is a cosmetic surgery that is claimed to be able to help you lose up to 30 pounds in one month. Sounds quite unhealthy to me, but hey who does not want to do this right before the summer craziness begins?

How Does It Work?

Great question! This Tongue Patch is secured to the top of your tongue using only 6 stitches (as seen below). It takes approximately 10 minutes for the procedure to be completed and cost the low cost of $2000 dollars… The patch is made mostly of marlex which is an abrasive material used in the repair of hernias. Here is the catch of the procedure, and what makes absolutely no sense. The sole purpose of this patch is to make it so incredibly painful to eat that you are FORCED to consume liquids. Yes, you are only able to DRINK food for the next month, and that is the whole point of this “weight loss” method.

Side Affects?

So if you are brave enough, crazy enough, or maybe just desperate enough here are the known side affects

  • Difficulties speaking
  • Tendency to wake suddenly from sleep
  • Possibility of patch fusing to the tongue surface
  • Not approved by FDA
  • Possible risk of getting an infection
  • Patch could dislodge and go down your throat
  • And you might drool, a lot…


This definitely is NOT something we recommend at 101 Health Advice, but it is something we wanted to share to show you how bizarre and far people will go to lose weight. But always make sure you research your diet or workout plan. Because you could be on to something that is either very dangerous or not worth your time/money. If you want to see the video of the “genius” who created this method we are going to go ahead and post the video below.

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