Stomach Bypass Surgery: Solution to the Problem?

Stomach Bypass Surgery
Poor lifestyle results to poor health as to poor health also resulting into health risks. Therefore, good lifestyle directly affects future health conditions. This is what the obese people have forgotten. Due to poor lifestyle, such as eating too much and taking every food that is being serve without any thought of conclusion, obese people face multifaceted health problems.

Face the fact that one problem results to another. Hence, obesity health problems are taken over by obesity solutions. So what are these solutions then? Diet or perhaps change of lifestyle? Yes, some may have tried that “quick fix”, but still failed, thus people are looking for more solutions. This is where weight lose surgery comes in. There are many different kinds of weight lose surgery which includes Stomach Bypass Surgery or the Gastric Bypass Surgery.

What is Stomach Bypass Surgery?

Stomach Bypass Surgery is a process where a surgeon divides the stomach into two parts: the larger part and the smaller part. The smaller pouch will serve as the main stomach after the surgery. This will enable the person to eat less due to the immediate feel of being full. After the division, the surgeon will perform the bypassing procedure or known as the “Roux-en-Y”.
In this procedure, the surgeon will bypass the duodenum (the first of part of the small intestine use for absorbing calories and nutrients), and connects the smaller stomach part directly to the jejunum (next to duodenum). This process enables the nutrients to be not fully absorbed, thus will lead to weight lose.

What You Need to Consider

Before engaging into such surgery, make sure that you are overall capable of the process. This means that you must be healthy enough, got no medication health conditions, and emotionally and mentally stable. Hence, you are required to take some health tests, and visit to your emotional and mental advisor. If you are a smoker, note that you will need to completely stop smoking since smoking easily cause major health problems. Taking of blood clotting preventive medicines should be stopped for a much easier surgery.

After Surgery: Recovery and Possible Complications

All surgery goes through different recovery process. Amongst all weight lose surgeries; this surgery has the fastest recovery. It only takes 2-3 days of hospitalization and 2-3 weeks before going back to normal activities. During the hospital stay, you are required to take some tests and exercises such as walking for short distances. Several apparatus like catheter and tubes may also be attached to you for a faster recovery. Medicines for blood clots and pain will also be prescribed.

Complications come from different ways. This Surgery may result to digestive problems including ulcer, wound infections, and bleeding. Others may experience heart attack, high blood pressure, blood clots, diabetes, and severe infections. There are also complications that concern the nutrient absorptions because of the malfunctioning of the duodenum. Nevertheless, this surgery is overall a solution to a problem as long as medical advises are considered, and choice of surgeon is fully researched.

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