What Causes a Severe Tooth Pain?

Eating is something that people cannot avoid doing everyday in their lives. Whether the person is not an active eater, he or she will always open their mouth and put in food to satisfy a hungry stomach. One can control the amount of food that they can eat, but to a normal person, they cannot control how much nutrients they gain from eating. The same goes for the number of cavities that they might get from one, simple food that they just ate. Parents are responsible for teaching their children things that they need to know, and that includes caring for their health. Brushing their teeth is one of the important things that a child must basically know to avoid severe tooth pain. But sometimes, there are cases in which one can experience severe tooth pain even though they regularly brush their teeth. All in all, the possible causes are:

severe tooth pain

Injury to the Jaw or Mouth

This mostly happens when one is active in sports. There may be instances where the jaw or the mouth is hit accidentally and has not been checked thoroughly. Even though if the person feels fine, he or she must immediately have their jaw or mouth checked because it may look fine in the outside, but they cannot be sure of the inside.


An abscessed tooth is when the roots of a tooth are infected. These are teeth that have been broken or cracked and one should contact their dentist to treat it immediately to prevent severe tooth pain. The dentist will remove the broken tooth before it spreads to the neighboring ones.


Sinusitis is the inflammation or swelling of a nasal sinus. This happens when one catches a cold and it worsens, the fluid filled with germs blocking the sinuses. You may think that the only affected areas are the nose and the head, but the teeth can be a target too. It’s best that you consult your dentist to further examine your teeth. The dentist can give the further details about sinuses and take x-rays to the affected teeth before making a final diagnosis. If the cause of tooth ache is because of sinusitis, the dentist can refer you to a ear, nose and gum specialist.

Heart Trouble

This is according to the recent studies of Sweden and Uruguay, tooth or jaw pain can be an early warning sign of heart disease, specifically in women. These signs in mean are distinct and have been identified as well, but the signs in women have been the well-known signs.


The leading cause of tooth ache is cavity. Cavities are caused by eating foods that are high In carbohydrates like for example, too much sugar. Cavities can cause holes or decay in teeth. The neighboring tooth can be affected as well if you don’t do something about it. It is encouraged that you come visit your dentist twice in a year to keep track of your teeth. In some cases, dentists can ask you to come back to their office if they saw a risk of tooth decay.

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