How to Stop Tooth Pain: Causes of Tooth Pain and How to Stop it

Toothaches are really a burden, and can disrupt your daily routine if you don’t know how to stop tooth pain. Forcing yourself to bare it throughout the day won’t do you any good because the pain will not go away unless you take medication. You can treat it by drinking pain relievers but going to the dentist is always the best option to treat the affected tooth permanently.

how to stop tooth pain

Tooth and gum pain can happen because of:

Tooth decay

Development of cavities can cause holes or decay your teeth. It is caused by eating too much food that contains a lot of sugar and the person doesn’t regularly brush their teeth. It can affect the neighboring tooth if not treated as soon as possible. Tooth decay can also cause bad breath, and not just severe tooth pain.



The alveolar bone mass is where the tooth sockets are, and this is where it attacks. If deteriorated, the alveolar bone mass weakens, losing the ability to hold the tooth in place. A person can take medication if they don’t know other options how to stop tooth pain for the meantime when they can’t come see their dentist right away.


This involves the swelling of the inner part of the teeth that composes living tissue and cells called the dental pulp. Pulpitis can result to disease of the gums, physical misery to the jaw or tooth decay.

How to stop the tooth pain for a moment?

There are times when tooth ache strikes at the worst time, and you cannot immediately make an appointment with your dentist as soon as it attacks. Either you are away from home when it happens or you’re at work or school, doing the normal things that you have to do. After arranging an appointment with your dentist, it’s time to treat the aching tooth temporarily. The methods that you can use are:

  • Taking pain relievers. The easiest and quickest way. Try and crack your brain what appropriate medicine to take when you are feeling pain and not just take anything at all.
  • Clove Oil. This is available in health food stores for a cheap price. Not only does it relieve tooth ache, but it can be used to relieve other pain like headaches, muscle pain, abdominal pain, back pain, and so on. It’s effective to treat the pain temporarily and it’s an ideal choice as long as you can handle the terrible taste.
  • Chewing ginger or garlic. Maybe the first thing that you thought of is the way your breath smells after chewing the said ingredients. But these two spices anti-bacterial and pain relief properties. The reason why it hurts is because the bacteria is working its way to break the gums or the teeth, so chewing on ginger or garlic is not a bad idea if you want the pain to go away.

There three methods are proven to be effective when it comes to treating the pain temporarily and you may want to use one of these methods if you want to concentrate on that thing you have to work on. These are just temporary pain relievers, so it’s always best to see your dentist and have a check-up as soon as possible.

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