How to Make Cinnamon Tea For Weight Loss

Fact or Fiction?

In today’s world of the ever changing weight loss fad, you will find an unlimited supply of “helpful” information about how to lose weight the fastest and most efficient way possible. Unfortunately, for everyone good idea there are a million other bad ones. So today we are going to look at Cinnamon. Yes, cinnamon. Can this tasty spice really help you lose weight?

The Research

So unlike some of the sketchy research that you see with different weight loss “methods”, cinnamon has had scientific evidence to show that it does help manage weight. As the research has shown it enhances digestion and stabilizes blood sugar as well as insulin levels.

Digestive Benefits

It is essential that you have a efficient working digestive system to help with weight management. Cinnamon encourages your digestive system, in a natural way, to function in a healthier way and to do it’s job well.

  • It calms your stomach and soothes your intestines
  • Can help reduce gas and relieves flatulence
  • Colon Function is improved
  • Also known to relieve nausea, diarrhea, and constipation

Control the Blood Sugar

Studies have shown that by having a regular intake of cinnamon you can help improve your blood sugar levels. What it does is cause the rate your stomach empties to slow down, which in turn stabilizes your sugar levels. With your blood sugar in line you will feel more balance, as well as have fewer craving for sweets.

The Manager Of Insulin

If you are prone to insulin spikes than adding some cinnamon spice to your life could help reduce those spikes, and also helps your body to use insulin more efficiently. By having a balance of insulin your body will improve on absorbing and using glucose from blood, which in turn discourages fat storage.

But will all good things, if you stop consuming cinnamon these effects will eventually wear off, so you have to continue the intake or you lose the benefits.

More Benefits?!

There is not a ton of research to back this up, but it is thought that by having a regular intake of cinnamon can promote the increase of lean muscle mass and reduce your body fat percentages. The best benefit of all though, is that it is NATURAL. Unlike a lot of different supplements and stuff out there, cinnamon is all natural.

Final Verdict

So… this magical brown sugar called cinnamon really good for promoting weight loss?

From what I have read, and what has been shown here, my conclusion is that cinnamon helps you manage blood sugar, and promotes stable levels of insulin. These two do come into factor when you are looking to help boost your weight loss. If they are working properly and efficiently then weight loss will be easier to accomplish. Cinnamon also keeps your feeling positive and balanced as well as keeping your sugar cravings at bay.

Although some people may disagree with our final verdict, we DO agree that cinnamon can be a beneficial add to your weight loss goals. There is just enough evidence to sway our thoughts, and hey; who does not love to have some cinnamon in their daily life?


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