Common Ways on How to Cure a Toothache

A toothache is a very bothersome pain in the gums because not only does it not contain the intense pain inside the mouth but it tends to vibrate the pounding aches in the whole body. There are many settling ways on how to cure a toothache; some are from folklores and some are medically based. Most people search home remedies for this kind of pain because it is so much convenient to deal with this matter at home that go to a dentist wherein you will pay for the expense and be told a lot of stuff that you would not even bother to follow.

how to cure a toothache

There are 3 very common ways to deal with a toothache and have your solution in curing your pain in the tooth. These ways vary in their own style and perceptive processes. It is only a matter of willingness of the person in which it may be effective or not.

Drink Medicine

When someone gets a toothache, most people would recommend drinking an anti-pain tablet for it. There are many kinds of meds that one can take in for this ache. However, these meds cannot actually cure the toothache. It can only subdue the intense pain that an individual is feeling. It is very important that one will check the meds because sometimes there are meds that have negative reactions to a body’s mechanism. Most of these meds are over the counter so it is best to consult and expert for this kind of thing.

Apply Ice

how to cure a toothache

Like the drinking of the meds, the application of ice is also just for the reason of getting away from the pain and not for treating the toothache. By applying ice, the aching tooth will numb thus getting rid of the pain. It is a very helpful technique because it can totally make you “not feel” every single tingling pain coming from your mouth. It is also very practical because you only have to get an ice or a cold ice packer and tap it beside your cheeks. The whole process will follow through.

Folklore Numbing Methods

Old people have their own way in dealing with medical stuff. They believe that the natural way can be more helpful and safer compared to the meds that are prescribed. One of the things that they believe in is putting spice onto the top of the aching tooth. A chili can be the solution for this question on how to cure a toothache. Because you can feel the hotness and the chili flavor, your mouth will get numb and you will not be able to feel the angst of pain. Also they say that garlic can put to an end to the misery of a toothache. There are no definite mechanisms stated but they believe that it will. Moreover, toothpaste applied on top of the enamel can also be a pain reliever. The toothpaste will refresh the tooth and give it a cool feels which will be very pleasant in the feeling.

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