How Much Green Tea For Weight Loss?

Love Green Tea?

If you are anything like me then tea is an obsession (any Texans in here?), but what if I told you that you could drink tea and it would be healthy for you?!

That is where this magical drink comes in called Green Tea. Now as the title says, this tea does not actually cause weight loss, only calorie deficit can do that, but it does aid in the process. What green tea is good at is helping keep your appetite reduced, so you are hungry less, and helps raise you metabolism so you will burn more fat/calories. Unfortunately, there has not been enough research to give an exact dose of how much you should drink. But it is safe to say that you could do 2 to 3 cups per day and be well on your way to burning more, and having less cravings for bad food.

The Caffeine

So, caffeine is the apparent culprit to being partly responsible for the weight-loss effect. But as always, there are side effects if you consume to much. If you consume to much in a time period it can lead to caffeine toxicity. The highest amount of caffeine that an adult would need to start to see the harmful effects would be about 300 to 400 milligrams daily. To give you an idea, just 8 ounces of green tea can contain 25 milligrams of caffeine. Of course this can vary based on your size, health, and if you have any health conditions.

More Good with Polyphenols

Green tea has another good ingredient that helps promote good health. And with 2 to 3 cups per day it will give you enough polyphenols, which is the plant compound that provides antioxidants. This will help your body protect cells from damage. It is also thought that these antioxidants will help raise your metabolism more.


Being the tea lover that I am, adding this kind of drink to my daily routine is starting to grow on me. Although the taste can be a bit bland, depending on how you make it, you start to get a good taste for it. I guess you could compare it to getting a taste for wines. But who can complain about a tasty drink that also brings you the benefits of a healthier life style?

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