The Benefits of a High Fiber Diet Plan


Fiber Diet Plan-2Weight loss can be a very sensitive subject for some people. Since people have different body types, there are those who find it hard to shed off their excess fats. These people tend to become desperate and result to looking for alternative ways to lose weight. There may be a lot of diet pills and instant weight loss regimen available; nothing beats a healthy high fiber diet plan.

What Makes a Diet Rich in Fiber?

Eating more fiber is one of the best advices that you can get when it comes to your diet. A high fiber diet plan involves eating food that is high in soluble as well as insoluble fiber. Food with soluble fiber includes apples, citrus fruits, barley, carrots, beans, peas and oats. High insoluble fiber food includes cauliflower, green beans, potatoes and others.

How Much Fiber Does Your Body Need?

The amount of fiber the body needs depends on your age, sex and built. Men, who are aged 50 years and younger need an estimated 38 grams a day, while men who are 51 years and older need 30 grams of fiber daily. Women, who are aged 50 years and younger need about 25 grams of fiber daily, while women who are 51 years and older need 21 grams of fiber a day.

The Benefits of a High Fibrous Diet

There are many benefits of a high fiber diet plan when it comes to your health. Therefore, it is recommendable for everyone. The benefits of this type of diet program include the following:

  • Prevents constipation and aids in diarrhea. A fibrous diet helps normalize your bowel movements. Fibers in the food you eat soften your stool and increase its size. This way, you will not have any problems when it comes to pass your stool out. However, if you have watery and runny stool, a fibrous diet could help solidify it because it can absorb the water.


  • Improves bowel health. Eating fibrous food helps aid in maintaining your bowel health, since it prevents the occurrence as well as the development of hemorrhoids.


  • Lowers your cholesterol level. Beans, flaxseed and oats can help lower down your cholesterol levels through the management of your low density lipoproteins, which are also known as bad cholesterol levels.


  • Controls blood sugar level. Fiber can help slow down the body’s sugar absorption. Therefore, a high fiber diet plan could help lower your blood sugar level. It also helps reducing your risk of having type-2 diabetes.


  • Aids in weight management. Lastly, foods that are high in fiber can help you maintain your weight. These types of food need more chewing time and are heavier on the belly. Therefore, you stay fuller for a long period of time. They also contain fewer calories because they are a lesser amount of energy dense.


Instead of going for a quick and instant weight loss solution, you can try a long and steady way of losing weight. Changing your diet can help you loss as well as maintain your weight.



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