Gum pain – Indication of poor oral hygiene

People often think that dental care only involves their teeth and overlook the importance of taking care of their gums and indications of diseases associated with it. Not all toothaches are associated with tooth decays and cavities some are caused by swollen gums that are due to gum diseases like gingivitis, gingival recession, and periodontitis. Little did people know that these are actually the main causes of tooth loss and tooth decays because bacteria thrive in them and that may travels through cavities of the damaged tooth. The gum also plays an important role in the overall health of an individual because it is through the gum that you can tell if a person have a healthy diet and lifestyle.

gum pain

Gum pain is commonly felt when there is an inflammation in the area around your tooth hence, it is usually associated with toothache. However, you may feel gum pain without actually having toothache; it may also bleed and contain pus. In this case you have to consult your dentist right away as it may be a symptom of other diseases that may be a serious gum infection that may complicate into rheumatic heart disease when the infection reaches the heart.

A person that often complains with gum pain is an indication of his poor oral health and must know how to treat the condition by simply following the prescribed dental care that everyone must follow. If you are unsure about it, then you must visit a dentist and ask for advises and treatment because you may also develop sensitive tooth that requires special attention.

How to maintain your gums healthy?

gum pain

Healthy gums seldom experience gum pain.  Signs of a healthy gum can be seen through its color. A healthy gum is pinkish and firm; it does not bleed or have swellings. However, it could be normal to have swelling if you use a toothbrush that have very hard bristle or force a dental floss hard against the gums.

To maintain your healthy gums, follow the correct direction in tooth brushing which should be circular in motion. You also need to use soft-bristled toothbrush and gently floss your teeth to avoid hitting it hard against the surface of the gums. Brush your teeth every after meals and also use gargle agent to kill the remaining bacteria after brushing, this will maintain the acid level in your mouth which makes your teeth and gums healthy.

Avoiding acidic foods will also contribute in healthier gums. Eating nutritious foods that are rich in vitamin C, fiber and calcium is a great way to prevent gum-related diseases and gives you strong immune system that fights against gingivitis. Cigarettes and alcohol is also a no, no as they contain chemicals that are damaging to both your gums and teeth. They also lower your immune system and make you become more susceptible for dental diseases.

Regularly visit your dentist to monitor the condition of your gums and teeth. This will give you an idea about the proper way of taking good care of your dental health. Gum problems should not be taken lightly because as explained they are an indication of your overall health condition. A person with healthy gums is usually a person that has a healthy lifestyle.

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