Great Home Workouts for $50

Workout From Home?

So, you’ve seen the amazing home workout facilities of the superstars like Mark Wahlberg right? That have an entire gym, or in his case 2,500 sqft, as just a part of their every day living space. You say to yourself “Hey if I had a gym in my house, of course I’d work out every day!”, maybe that is true or maybe you are just telling yourself that.

My bet is that if you truly had that kind of setup just chilling in your house that you probably would not work out any more than you already do, or maybe you would get in 1 more exercise sessions per week. But if you are ready to tell me “NO I would work out every day!” then continue reading, and see if you can truly keep up to the test of having an at-home workout gym.

Gaddour’s super-simple answer to the complex situation of not having an at-home gym is what he calls the “dumbbell complex”. The best part of this workout is that you only need one set of dumbbells! For the men out there you only need 15lb or 20lb set. For women you need to either get an 8, 10, or 12lb set. So instead of spending 10s if not hundreds of thousands on a home gym like some celebrities do, you can get this at home workout in for a mere $25-$50!

So what does this involve? Basically you will do 3 exercises, doing each of them for 30 seconds back to back without rest. You will then take a short break for 90 seconds and repeat this for a few rounds. If you want to make it more difficult then all you have to do is reduce the amount of time you take a break in between each round.


There are two different “Complexes” when it comes to this workout, complex 1 and complex 2. When doing your exercise you can choose either of these complex, but once you choose one you will finish it without putting down your dumbbells. After waiting 90 seconds you can choose to either do the same complex over or you can switch between the two complexes. To make things more difficult you can do them on a level 1, 2, or 3.

Level one: 8-12 reps, 6 rounds, 90 seconds in between rounds

Level two: 8-12 reps, 8 rounds, 60 seconds in between rounds

Level three: 8-12 reps, 10 rounds, 30 seconds in between rounds

The main difference between the different levels is 1, the amount of rounds, and 2, the time in between sets. The more rounds and less resting the harder it gets. Now it should be noted that if you are consistently getting more than 15 reps you should either move up in weight or move up a level. If you are completing 6 or less reps then you should move down in weight, or rest more.

Dumbbell Complex 1

Exercise 1: Close-Hands Pushup

Exercise 2: Dumbbell Skiier Swing

Exercise 3: Overhead Split Squat

 Dumbbell Complex 2

Exercise 1: Twisting Curls

Exercise 2: Overhead Triceps Extension

Exercise 3: Single-Arm Deadlift



So that is your great at home workout! And once again you can do this for as little as $25. Then again, if you want to spend a 100,000 dollars on a home gym just remember one thing, INVITE US!

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