Be Inspired With Gastric Sleeve Success Stories

Gastric Sleeve Success Stories
There are now plenty of medical procedures that can help anyone lose weight. One of the most popular and effective procedures is the gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass. The procedure is common in the United States because of its reliable outcome with minimal side effects. In fact, there are pleny of gastric sleeve success stories that can be accessed through health websites or medical journals.

An overview of gastric sleeve surgery

This medical procedure is done by removing a major portion of the stomach which leaves a banana shaped sleeve which connects the small intestines to the esophagus. Many doctors would recommend this type of procedure since it is safer because it does not rearrange the digestive system. Recent studies about this type of medical procedure have shown lesser complications and fewer problems which have led to quicker recovery period.

Many patients who have their own gastric sleeve success stories have purported these studies which make the procedure highly recommended. The procedure is usually done laparoscopically which is about 2 hours and is considered as a simple operation compared to the more complicated weight loss medical procedures.
Cost of the surgery

The cost of the surgery would typically range from $13,000 up to $30,000 but the average cost would be around $19,000. Many health insurance companies have now included the cost of the gastric surgery as part of their insurance coverage which is a great opportunity for obese patients to try out this weight loss method.

The cost of the surgery would depend on several factors which include the location of the patient. The fees incurred in the surgery include the doctor’s fee and as well as laboratory’s fees. Before you undergo this type of surgery, make sure that you have done your intensive research and find the most affordable surgery which fits your budget and needs.

What are the complications and risks of the surgery?

Just like any other medical operation, a gastric sleeve surgery has its own complications or risks which can also be found in any gastric sleeve success stories. However, these complications or risks are just minimal compared to the other medical procedures. The procedure has a low mortality rate which is at 0.19% on average based on several medical studies. Here are some of the most common complications that can occur during or after the surgery:



Strictures or Stenosis

GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)

What happens after the surgery?

Since this type of procedure is less complicated, many patients may not be able to experience any of the major complications. Most patients may still be able to experience typical issues like diarrhea, difficulty in swallowing or constipation.

To avoid serious complications, doctors must provide their patients with a guideline on what to do after the surgery which includes the proper diet plan. Patients must take the time to review the guideline and make sure that they follow the tips to ensure their overall health and as well as the success of their operation.

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