Gastric Band Surgery: Why Not Give It a Thought

Gastric Band Surgery
Are you one of those people struggling with the obesity embracing your body? Or rather one of those curious persons wanting to know every edge of this weight loses technique? Let’s face it, obesity is a struggle to some, and it is nowadays a major weight problem. For those people fighting and tackling everyday embarrassment and health risk dilemmas, you perhaps have thought of multifaceted solutions to your problem including the possibility of having a weight lose surgery. Indeed, it sounds alluring and intriguing because it seems the answer you are finally looking for. There are many kinds of weight lose surgeries, this includes the Gastric Band Surgery.

What is this Surgery?

Gastric Band Surgery is a surgery use for people who wanted to lose weight. The surgery is a laparoscopy kind of surgery since it uses a tiny camera called the laparoscope. In this surgery, the upper part of the stomach is to be wrapped by a band to form a small pouch in the lower part. This pouch will be used as storage for holding food. This will enable the person to feel full immediately after eating small amount of food every meal. However, this surgery works best for people struggling with obesity for over 5 years, and it is not considered to be a an immediate fix to the problem.

What You Need to Consider Before the Surgery

Before the Gastric Band Surgery is to be performed, you need to consider various factors affecting the process. First, you are required to take some tests such as gallbladder ultrasound, blood tests, and physical tests to make sure that your body is healthy enough and capable of the surgery to be taken. In addition, visiting a mental and emotional advisor is necessary to know whether you are emotionally stable for the surgery and to prepare for future lifestyle changes. A week before your surgery, you will need to stop drinking medicines that prevents easy blood clotting such as Vitamin E and aspirin. Lastly, one day before your surgery you are demanded to eat nothing.

After the Surgery

After your surgery, chances are either positive or negative. In the positive side, you will be able to live your life satisfactorily after for about 6 weeks. However in the negative side, you might experience problems in eating habits, vomiting every after eating, or worst, the surgery did not work because you will not lose weight. In this case, you will face another surgery to tighten the band on your stomach.

Risk You Will Need to Face

All surgeries are not safe if not performed right. This surgery may cause an injury on your stomach cause by the band, abnormal bowel discharge, poor nutrition, vomiting, and band dislocation that will need reprocessing. Furthermore, the surgery will cause some medical problems such as high blood, diabetes, and GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), thus before deciding on having a Gastric Band Surgery, you need to consider the risks you will be facing.

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