Extreme Weight Loss Diets

Looking to lose up to 100 pounds? This can be a vary daunting task but can be accomplished through a great diet and exercise.  It may seem impossible at first and it definitely will not be a super quick fix-it-all like some wish, but with the right dedication and mindset there is no amount of weight you can lose. Below are 10 very goo tips for accomplishing your goal.

1) What is Your Payoff?

A different question and can be a bit confusing but as Anne Fletcher, a Minnesota dietitian, words it “What is your excess weight doing for you?”

What she is saying is “why are you not losing weight? Is there a reason?” and surprisingly people have had some very interesting responses when she asked clients. Ranging from wanting to avoid intimacy too not wanting to mow the lawn. Both of these clients of hers were able to avoid things they were scared of by remaining heavy and over-weight.

She says one of the keys to losing weight is identifying why you want to be heavy in the first place. And by attacking this fear head on can help you keep motivated to lose weight


2) How Ready are You?

Even though you may feel you are truly ready to shed off the pounds you have to make sure your life is ready for the change. Are you free of distraction or excess stress that could alter your ability to stay concentrated and motivated? Here are some simple questions to ask yourself to see if you are ready to take on this adventure.

  1. Am I financially stable?
  2. Is my job and/or spouses job going to be okay?
  3. Will time be a factor when devoting myself to weight control?
  4. Can I keep my relationships stable with family and friends?

Now these are not the end-all-be-all to starting this journey to losing 100 pounds, but they can be attributing factors with the daily stress that you go through. The less distractions and excess stress you have in your life the more you can dedicate yourself and your mind to weight reduction. It is even more important with extreme weight loss diets as they can be tedious and a bit strict.

3) What Options Are Available?

As much as we wish that there was a diet and workout plan that worked for everyone, this just is not the case.

With the abundant of information online it can be a bit tedious to find the right plan, but be sure to do your research and if you must contact an expert. But whether it be a structured weight loss and exercise program, go at it alone, or even with a friend you must remember that this is a life-long change. You will be eating better and exercising more, and you need to pick something that you know you can stick to not for the short term with quick results, but for the long haul with results that stay!

http://www.hightech-highway.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/key-to-success.jpg4) Accountability is Key

As with all goals you are looking to obtain, accountability is what keeps you on track and motivated. Regardless of what workout option you choose it is crucial that you keep yourself accountable. Some ways to do this are meeting up with an expert or friend each week, or weighing yourself at the end of the week to see how your results are doing, these are two good ways but there are endless possibilities for you to keep track and remain accountable.

Here’s our list of how to remain accountable for your extreme workout diet

  1. Partner with a friend
  2. Set goals short term goals for yourself – “I will go for a walk 3 days this week”
  3. Set time frames for yourself – “I will work out for at least an hour each session this week”
  4. Set a mid-week day to check if you obtained your goal so far, or if you need to do more to makeup for missing them


5) Adjustable Expectations

Unfortunately, 100 pounds is not going to come off over-night and at times it will be frustrating not seeing instant results. Experts say cutting back just 500 calories a day can help you lose 1 to 2 pounds a week. But this will take you 1-2 years to reach your goal. This is a long term goal, and you need to create short term goals to get you there or you could lose focus.

One such goal could be to lose 20 pounds, than another 20 pounds, and continue this 5 times to reach your over-all 100lb. Another way could be to have a dress you recently wore but no longer fit in, and have your goal to be able to wear that within “x” amount of time. The main idea is to have small goals that you can reach quicker. Our brains love accomplishing feats and hate chasing what seems impossible to reach. So to keep yourself eyes on the Gold Metal, be sure to set short term goals along the way.

http://savannahyogabarre.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/skin-healthy-food.jpg6) Healthy Selfishness

We were raised to never be selfish, to help others and for the most part this is what we should do. But when it comes to being healthy you sometimes have to be self-centered. Instead of always putting others first, you may have to think about yourself and get a workout in. Instead of going to dinner with all your friends, you may choose to workout. When looking for a place to eat as a family, choose somewhere that has healthy food for you to eat. When flying on a plan bring a healthy snack as to help avoid the horrible airport food.

Being to selfish could possibly cause you some life issues, but in terms of healthy selfishness in moderation it is hard to go wrong. Do not be afraid to make your own choices, specially if it is for the betterment of your body!


7) Make Your Surroundings Fat-Free

One of the hardest things when losing weight is to avoid foods that are just outright bad for you. Specially when you are just looking for a snack and the first thing you see is a bag of Oreos.

Save yourself the headache and make your environment as fat-free as possible. Constantly seeing your kids twinkies each time you open the cabinet could cause you to want to eat them, instead of telling them they can not have them maybe move them to a special cabinet. Maybe you see an easy to reach Coke each time you open the fridge, Maybe you can move these to a fridge in the garage to not only avoid seeing them each time but forcing yourself or others to have to go outside to get them.

Sometimes the simple act of moving them to harder-to-access areas will keep you from wanting to get them as they are just not as convenient as the healthy snacks. Cause trust us, convenience almost always trumps healthy choices.

8) Pick the Brains of Others

Do not be afraid to ask others for advice, specially those who are of healthy-weight and typically know what they are doing. Although this may seem like a scary concept to go up and ask someone for advice, these sort of people more often than not WANT to share with you. They either have been in your position or close to it and want to help you obtain the same goals they once had.

Not only can their advice be a valuable gem, simply meeting someone who was once in your position and seeing where they are now can make you 1000x more motivated to keep going. Although some people can be very hard to approach, and maybe sometimes they are quite busy working out themselves, but just make sure you are approaching them at the right time and they will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand.

9) Find Your Secret To Success

Most people who have lost a substantial amount of weight have a secret that either got them there, or that they constantly use to help keep them there and typically this involves multiple methods. But one of the more popular ways that people help motivate themselves is with a graphical record of their weight loss. They take pictures throughout the downward trend of weight and use this as not only a motivation but a guideline. Feel yourself getting a little bigger? See how you compared a week or two ago. Think you’re losing weight? Do the same!

This is just one example, and there are many others, but it all depends on what works for you. Once you find something that does help, do not stop there, find some others. You will soon find that having just a few secret weapons to keep you motivated on your extreme weight loss diet will help in a tremendous way.

10) Reward Yourself – Correctly!

Some people reward themselves for working out and staying fit by having a “cheat-meal”. This can sometimes help your brain think positively, but can also negate your hard work at losing weight. Instead of eating unhealthy as a reward find something else that makes you happy. Maybe you like to play golf, or get a new nail polish color. Even book yourself a day at the spa for a relaxing evening or afternoon off. Simply rewarding yourself with food may make you happy for an hour or two, but rewarding yourself with something else can keep you healthier and be substantially more enjoyable!


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