All About Gastric Bypass Side Effects

Having a slim and healthy body helps prolong life because of the balance of nutrient intake, but there are some people who gains weight fast, in this case, they undergo some slimming program however, those who have minimal effect with slimming programs, undergoes surgery.

Gastric surgery is one of the operation that people undergoes to control their weight. It is a procedure wherein the physician is creating a small pouch of the stomach to restrict food intake and bypasses construction of the duodenum and the other parts of the intestines to cause decrease absorption of calories and other nutrients from the food.

Variations of gastric bypass surgery

The first one is Roen-Y proximal, the most common type of surgery in which the stomach is divided approximately 45 centimetre below the lower stomach outlet and re-arranged in Y configuration enabling the flow of the food would be from upper via the Roux limb which 80 to 150 centimetre of the small intestine preserving the rest of the intestine for absorption of nutrients.

Second is the Roen-Y distal which can result into mal-absorption because the Y connection is moved forward to the gastrointestinal tract. The Y connection is made lower to the end of the lower intestine.

The third is the mini gastric bypass creating a long narrow tube of the stomach along its right border; the small intestine is brought up and hooked to the tube at 180 centimetres from the start point of the intestine.

The health benefits of the procedure

The positive effects of the gastric bypass surgery are that it will help a lot to those who wish to reduce their weight. Their stomach easily gets full thus they cannot eat the regular amount of food that they usually eat before.

As for the patients who are suffering from hyperlipidemia, it is believed that it is corrected to 70 percent of those who undergone the procedure essential hypertension is 0 percent relieved and as of their medication it is also reduced and it can be taken when they have hypertensive episodes. Due to weight loss, obstructive sleep apnea and snoring has improved and it may be used as a cure to those who have sleep apnea.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus has proved to be 90 percent reversed which resulted to normal blood glucose level almost without medication especially days before surgery and the improvement of lower back pain and joint paint are alleviated to nearlyall of the patients.

Other beneficial effects of gastric bypass surgery are the relieved of gastroesophagial reflux and the alleviation of leg swelling due to venus thrombosis. The patient who undergone such surgery must contemplate with the vitamin deficiency since the absorption of nutrients from the food is decrease.

All patients who have undergone the procedure will definitely have to enjoy the effects of gastric bypass surgery because they will able to relish in participating with their family and friends in attending to family and other social gatherings with additional confidence because of their physical appearance and with their illnesses being relieved.

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