CLA For Weight Loss

What is CLA?

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a fatty acid which is naturally occurring composed of several isomers or compounds which are chemically similar. For more than 10 years, CLA has been touted as the one of the most effectual supplement for weight loss which is stimulant free. It is said to be a trans fat found in small ruminants’ meat and daily products, that is, in livestock that regurgitate food, for example cattle or sheep as well as in eggs. In health facilities, CLA is sold as syrup or as capsules where syrup tastes good you can take it even when mixing with food but capsules is bitter. Rare side effects but stomach upset or nausea may occur which is reduced by taking the supplement with protein like low-fat milk. CLA occurs in varying concentrations therefore one is advised to purchase the one with 80% CLA for the effective action which gives maximum weight loss

cla weight loss

How CLA works in relation to weight loss

Early experiments on CLA conducted by different scientists found the success of CLA in reducing body fats. A review of clinical trials(eight) once conducted showed variations in response to the supplements of CLA and alteration in percentage body fat. Some of the study participants were found lose 7.5 pounds body fat under CLA dosage of 0.7-6.8 grams daily. It assists the body to more efficiently convert food into energy where it speeds the rate of basal metabolism thus lowering body fats. CLA does not necessarily lowers the overall weight of the body but rather it inhibits the enlargement of little cells which changes the body’s muscle to fat ratio. According to a study conducted by Pariza, participants who brought to a halt the dieting and didn’t take CLA, gained weight in a manner that resulted to 25 percent muscle and 75 fat but for those who discontinued with dieting but continued taking CLA, the weight gain was 50-50 muscle to fat ratio.

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Benefits of CLA

A study conducted in Indiana at Perdue University explained some of the benefits of CLA in weight loss. It was found to reduce the levels of triglycerides and glucose in blood moderately and in diabetic patients, the result showed that CLA increases the levels of insulin by two-thirds. In the past number of years, other several researches has been conducted and their findings gave the following benefits. For thyroid patients, CLA gives a positive gain by increasing the metabolic rates which otherwise an remain low in some people even if hypothyroidism is treated. Also in thyroid patients despite of treatments they get, the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides remain high but by taking CLA capsules, syrup or the naturally occurring ones, these levels lower. Enhancement of muscle growth is another benefit brought about by CLA. In this, fats are burnt by muscles, metabolism increases and thus becomes important in weight loss and its management. By reducing insulin resistance, CLA assists, thyroid patients from developing diabetes which is adult onset thus making it possible for them to manage their weight. Food allergies play parts when weight loss becomes difficult but with CLA, allergic reactions that are food induced are reduced. Last but not the least, CLA reduces abdominal fats. It hinders cases of hormonal shifts and adrenal imbalances that accumulates abdominal fat.

cla effects on weight

Many studies have concluded that in order to receive the CLA benefits, one should take 3400mg(3.4g) of CLA daily. According to Peter Parodi, the richest source of CLA is milk fat but according to Pariza, the healthiest mean to get CLA is through supplements that are composed of balanced CLA isomers which are biologically active.

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