Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

What Is The Secret?

You see it almost every day if you keep up with celebrities, someone else is losing weight and sometimes it is a very drastic loss. When you see such insane weight loss it can be kind of a let down because you feel that is unrealistic and something you could never achieve. But every now and then you get those celebs who weight loss secrets are not over-the-top and things you could apply to your life to help shred those extra pounds. Below are some of the tips for the famous “Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets”

Take It Slow and Steady

Let us take for example Khloe Kardashian, it took her nearly a year and half to just shred 30 pounds. That may seem like a long time to be working out just to lose 30 pounds but she did not want to quit eating the foods that she was accustomed to. By finding a healthy eating routine that you can stick to will not only help you get the weight off but will also help you keep it off. You see all the time people doing these drastic diets to lose weight only to gain it right back as they can not maintain that kind of diet forever, and did not get a healthy plan to continue into the future.

Be Creative, Get Those Workouts In!

With our busy day to day activities it can be very stressful to get a workout in, and we sometimes feel like there is absolutely NO time to get one in. But take some advice from Jenna Dewan Tatum. In able for her to lose her baby weight she decided to do lunges and calf raised while rocking her daughter. By getting in just that little extra exercise can be all the difference. You just have to find a way to sneak it in, whether it is push-ups or crunches before showers, after showers, when you wake up, whenever!

Add More Movement To Your Day

This one sound so simple but can be so effective. Jessica Simpson logged in between 8k and 10k steps EACH AND EVERY DAY to help shed that extra baby fat. I even find myself needing to get up and move around some after sitting at the computer for a long amount of time. If you are able to combine this movement along with a daily workout you will see a big result when it comes to getting in shape and staying there.

No Food Off-Limits

Starting a new diet can be tough, and staying on it can be even tougher. Some celebrities have found it beneficial to themselves to include a cheat-day or weekly cheat-meal to help them get through it. This way you can have just one day that you can eat what you want! Some experts say that you should allow yourself one cheat a day if you must, that way you do not spend an entire day eating horribly and throwing your body off.

Relax, It Helps

This is a short one but can be pretty helpful and efficient. STAY RELAXED. Studies show that by relaxing and remaining stress free it can help you lose weight faster as well as focus more during workouts.

Make It Social!

Okay do not take this out of context, you do not go to the gym and start talking to every single person you meet or see. But by making your workouts social you can help keep yourself motivated and can make it more fun. By having a friend meet you at the gym you can force yourself to make time to go. Or have them go walking with you so you have someone to talk to or to keep you on track. More often than not having an accountability partner can greatly alter how you workout and how often.

This is for YOU

No matter what you reasons for losing weight may be, the one thing you have to keep in mind is that this is what YOU want. Not what your husband wants, or your friends, or some random stranger walking by your in the mall. You, yourself, and your mind want to make a difference in your overall health and appearance. When you get into shape you not only look better but you feel better. By getting a workout in early in the morning can help you feel better throughout the day and can make you more alert. Keep that in mind as you go through this adventure. It works for the celebrities, so it can work for you!

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