Causes of Sudden Weight Gain

Sudden Weight Gain?

A significant portion of the population is suffering from obesity caused by sudden weight gain. There are some simple habits that can lead to this weight gain. These habits include excessive consumption of calories, being physically inactive, excessive snacking, alcohol abuse, stress, etc. If fast weight gain is ignored at the initial stages, then it may lead to many serious health issues. To avoid this condition, you need to understand its causes. Here are the reason behind sudden weight gain


Prescribed medications for diseases, such as arthritis, asthma etc, and other medications that contain steroids can cause a sudden increase in weight. Diabetes medications, anticoagulants, antidepressants, and mood stabilizers may also reduce the desire to exercise, leading to weight gain. If you notice sudden increase in weight, particularly after using some medications, make sure you consult a doctor to evaluate the actual cause.


Hypothyroidism is a condition which occurs when there is insufficient amount of thyroid hormone in the body. This deficiency of thyroid hormone can negatively affect metabolism, resulting in fat accumulation and protein deposition. This will in turn cause fluid retention which is the major reason behind the fast weight gain. This condition is a common cause of weight gain in women

Emotional Eating

Many people often use eating to relieve their emotional issues. Whenever they are going through intense mental states, such as depression, frustration, tension, anxiety, anger, boredom, stress, defeat guilt etc, they eat excessively to divert their mind. As a result, they put on a lot of weight, unknowingly.

Unstable Blood Sugar Levels

Overeating refined carbohydrates can drastically change the blood sugar levels of a person. For instance, eating chocolates can release insulin and bring about instant changes in one’s blood sugar levels. This will trigger the craving for sugary foods to stabilize blood sugar levels. This process will eventually lead to sudden weight gain.

Deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 essential fatty acids, contain good fats that are important in maintaining the metabolic rate of the body. Their deficiency can make you crave for fatty foods. Overeating these fatty foods will become the cause of quick weight gain.


Pregnancy is one of the major causes of sudden increase in weight among women. Stopping birth control measures may also lead to this condition.

Other reasons

Apart from these causes, there are many other factors that can cause fast weight gain, such as food sensitivities, carbohydrate fermentation in the body, obstruction of lymph nodes, diseases associated with organ enlargement such as ovarian cyst or diseases that lead to fluid retention, such as heart disease, liver disease or kidney diseases.

In conclusion

It is advisable to seek proper medical assistance promptly in case of quick weight gain, as it may be the major symptom of various life threating diseases too. When it comes to dealing with weight gain, having a diet habit and following a regular exercise regimen will go a long way in not only normalizing your weight but also preventing unexpected weight gain.

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