An Honest Review of the Green Smoothie Diet

Green Smoothies

The green smoothie diet is a revolutionary diet that enables one to live a healthy lifestyle while accruing lots of health benefits. The diet,which is low on calorie is based on consuming fruits based smoothies and homemade vegetables for opium health.

Green smoothie diet has three different plans meant to suit different individuals. These include; a three day green smoothie fast, a thirty day fat burner cleanse and a lifetime green smoothie plan.


Green smoothies are made by mixing fruits like avocados and apples with green vegetables like kales, spinach and broccoli using a powerful blender to make a whole food drink. Green smoothie dieters are usually encouraged to gradually increase their intake so as to include a daily quart of green smoothies.

Additionally other whole unprocessed foods that are recommended in this plan include ; herbs, root vegetables sprouts, brewer’s yeast, bee pollen, chia seeds, coconut, raw chocolate, goji berries, yogurt wheat germ, flaxseed oil and natural sweeteners including; honey , maple syrup and stevia


Benefits of Taking Green Smoothie Diet

Green smoothies are a rich source nutrients. They are a rich in vitamin A and C which are essential to the body. Some fruits such as guava and avocado are rich in magnesium and potassium. Unlike other fruit or vegetable juices, the green smoothie diet, which is made from whole fruit and greens has high fiber. Fiber has been known to offer numerous health benefits including balancing of cholesterol and blood sugar.

Due to its very low calorie content, the green smoothie diet is very effective to people seeking to lose weight. It also aid in eliminating food cravings as they have a filling effect when taken. Filling full reduces chances of adding more calories in the body resulting in weight loss.

The filling effect is due to the fact that whole fruit and vegetable mix stimulates production of serotonin hormone which is responsible for the fulfilling effect. In addition, people with frequent acid reflux or heartburn are encouraged to take green smoothies as they are natural alkaline and will soothe any acid indigestion problems one might be having.

Green smoothies will give you a lasting source of energy. This is because fruits contains lots of natural sugars that can easily be metabolized to provide energy. The green smoothie diet is also the best way to ensure you eat vegetables. The taste of fruit in the smoothie suppress the taste of greens and you will even fail to notice the greens.

There is also a green smoothie diet book which is very inexpensive and helpful as it provides a thorough explanation of the flavors and health benefits of the different greens and fruits. In addition, it also gives useful tips on how to buy and store your fruits and greens.

More people are taking to the green smoothie diet due to its numerous health benefits. Green smoothie is not only easy to make (you only need a blender), but is the best way to encourage a healthy lifestyle in both children and adults.

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